Joel Barker Summer Sale

Joel Barker Summer Sale

Save 50% On Everything!

For over 30 years, Joel Barker has proven to be one of our industry's best-selling authors. His videos on leadership, innovation, and diversity have been used by organizations around the world to help foster innovation, inclusion & creativity.

SPECIAL OFFER: The Joel Barker Summer Sale is simple; every Joel Barker video is half price! No exceptions. This sale even includes Joel’s online libraries and blended learning packages. Save 50% on everything. Hurry, sale ends August 31, 2017.


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Training Videos (available on DVD & USB ($50 upcharge)

The New Business of Paradigms: 2nd Edition 

Innovation at the Verge

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity

Power of Vision

Star Thrower Story

Joel Barker's Leadershift

Tactics of Innovation

Paradigm Mastery Series

Paradigm Pioneers

Paradigm Principles

Original Business of Paradigms 

 Self-Paced Learning (online access to 6 videos + 70 short stories)

Joel Barker Online Library

Blended Learning Packages (6 videos on DVD + online access)

The Innovation School Development Package

The Innovation Professional Package


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