Free Resources

Sometimes the best things in life are free!

At Star Thrower Distribution, we have been fortunate enough to work with many amazing authors, learn from their wisdom and share their ideas with the world.

Beyond training videos, speaking, and consulting services, many of our authors also offer free resources. Below are a few of our favorites. Enjoy!


   Clip of the Week

Clip Of The Week

For over 20 years Star Thrower Distribution has been creating meaningful training films.

Subscribe to Clip of the Week and every Monday we will send a short story, directly to your mailbox, absolutely free. Watch it. Share it. Train with it.

   Ladder of Inference Overview

Ladder of Inference Image

Why do smart people make bad decisions? The Ladder of Inference helps us understand how our assumptions can lead us to see a false reality and poor decisions.

This article is a great introduction to the topic. Read it. Share it.

   Weekly 'Celebrate' Inspirational Email -Dewitt Jones

Free Resources - Dewitt Jones

Best-selling author and National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones believes that the world is place of unlimited potential His videos and keynote speeches combine is positive message and inspiring images to encourage everyone to look at the ordinary, and see the extraordinary.

Start each week with an inspirational image. Sign up for his weekly Celebrate Inspiration email.

   Short Look at the Long View -Joel Barker

Free Resources - Joel Barker

Joel Barker has been helping people understand, anticipate and take advantage of change for over 40 years. His videos on paradigms, diversity and innovation are worldwide best-sellers.

A Short Look at the Long View is a free resource that will expose you to cutting edge ideas, as well as Joel’s insights, on a wide range of topics.

   Presentation Tips -Sage Presence

Free Resources - Sage Presence

Presentation experts Pete Machalek and Dean Hyers of Sage Presence believe that everyone has the ability to become an effective presenter. Through consulting, coaching, speaking, books, and video, they share their message with an ever expanding audience.

Presentation Tips is a free subscription that offers you proven techniques to improve how you present.

   Action Traction Tool -Laura Goodrich

Free Resources - Laura Goodrich

Workforce Transformation expert Laura Goodrich has been travelling the world helping organizations improve their workplace dynamics. Resources include videos, keynote speaking, and consulting.

Register to receive her free Action Traction Tool and to subscribe to her informative blog.

   Resiliency Report -Eileen McDargh

Free Resources - Eileen McDargh

Resiliency expert Eileen McDargh is an author of both books and video. She was also selected as one of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers in 2015.

The Resiliency Report is a free publication. Updated regularly, it is an entertaining way to explore the topic.

   Weekly Thought-Provoking Film -Nic Askew

Free Resources - Nic Askew

Filmmaker Nic Askew has been chronicling the human experience for over 10 years. Described as “unflinching” these films explore a wide range of topics in an uncompromising way. Joy, grief, illness, loneliness and love are some of the many topics.

Monday Film is a free movie by Nic Askew sent directly to your mailbox. Subscribe today.