Innovation at The Verge

Innovation at the Verge by Joel Barker is for those who believe the future is something you create, not something that simply happens to you.  Special things happen when differences come together to trigger new ideas, new combinations of elements, and new partnerships.

This program teaches how to create your own future by finding your next innovation. Through stories and examples, you will learn how to combine your ideas with the ideas of others.

Key Concepts:
  • The Importance of Innovations
  • Adaptation Is Quicker Than Invention
  • Vergent Territory
  • Partners Over There
  • Over and Back
Program Information:
  • Length: 18 Minutes
  • Includes: Facilitation Guide, Seminar Guide, Training Concepts, Training Stories, Training Notes from Joel Barker, PowerPoint™ Presentation and a Transcript of the film

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"Once again, Joel Barker opens our eyes and our minds, encouraging us to see seemingly unconnected things in fresh ways so as to generate powerful new solutions." - T. Cherches, BigBlueGumball Consulting



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Topics Include: Change Management, Communication, Compassion, Creative Tension, Creativity, Customer Service, Employee Orientation, Employee Engagement, Ethics, Innovation, Leadership, Sales and Service, Team Building, Vision, Personal Development