Focus Your Vision

Focus Your Vision will help you work efficiently and purposefully. It unites your team around a common purpose. Focus is the difference between simply expressing a vision and actually achieving it.  In Focus Your Vision, Dewitt Jones shows you how to focus on your goals, whether it's leading a team or completing a project.

Key Concepts:
  • Keep Your Vision Focused
  • Stop, Look, And Listen
  • Hold On To The Best, Let The Rest Fall Away
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • It's Not Trespassing To Go Beyond Your Own Boundaries
  • Make Your Vision Big Enough
Program Information:
  • Length: 20 Minutes
  • Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, PowerPoint™ Presentation and a Transcript of the film

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 "There are visions out there that can take us to places we never dreamed possible.  All we need to do is bring them into focus!"  Dewitt Jones.



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Topics Include: Change Management, Communication, Compassion, Creative Tension, Creativity, Customer Service, Employee Orientation, Employee Engagement, Ethics, Innovation, Leadership, Sales and Service, Team Building, Vision, Personal Development